Vainko by Brodha V ft. Jordindian
Studio Overture
Adding some 'vainko' to every macha's life.

Producing the track that redefined 'viral' and took all of India by storm in 2019.





When a rap song becomes the anthem of a generation.


South India's biggest music hits often come from movies, and there's untapped potential in a generation that is music and video-first. While Brodha V has cemented his presence in the rap scene, The Jordindians give their viewers comedy gold every time.

How can we bring these 2 legendary acts together?


A super fun, authentic, and mindbending-ly catchy track that brings colloquial rap, an unmistakeable southern beat, and 'lungi shaking' dance steps into one artsy collab. The track Vainko is, to this date, one of the most viral tracks ever made in the south, and has reached the dancing feet of people of all ages and cultures.

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