Every A-team has an origin story.
Welcome to ours.
The overture to Overture

It all started with a dream - but of course an unconventional one. While most kids want to be doctors or astronauts, one outlier of a mind, all the way in Shillong, found his calling in something entirely different - creating great experiences for people.

What began as a journey of founding some of the best college and music festivals in the city of Bangalore, soon culminated into the idea of "I love doing this, so why not make an empire out of it?". And so, one young, ridiculously passionate young man's dream turned into the reality that is now known as Overture.

Today, Hustler In Chief Arpan Peter has created a decade-old boutique agency that brings culture, creativity, and chaos together to create unforgettable campaigns, music videos, full-fledged events, and effective content marketing pieces. Having worked with global and local brands, spearheading and driving tons of kickass ideas, Overture has become a formidable name in the world of entertainment.

And we're just getting started.

Our Process

Successful Events
Artist Associations
Years of Expertise
Powerhouse Team
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Arpan Peter
Hustler in Chief
Manaswi Gundi
Sensei of Ops
Sana Shawkath Khan
People Prodigy
Ashna Arif
Creative Conjurer
Sherin Latheef
Visual Ninjaneer
Ghanshyam Sharma
Master of Coin
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